Journey Together Conference 2020

Call for Presenters


The Journey Together Conference 2020 will be held at the Cool Springs Marriott in Franklin, TN on September 20th - 23rd, 2020. We are requesting workshop proposals that contain current and relevant information addressing addictions, including process addictions, eating disorders, co-occurring disorders, current research, counseling techniques, professional issues, adolescent counseling, family, clinical supervision, ethics and other addictions topics. Workshops are 1.5 hours each. 3 hour workshops will be considered if time allows. Please read instructions for completion of proposal form.

How will presenters be selected?

The Conference Committee will accept call-for-presenter applications until the close of the business day February 21, 2020. Applications will be selected according to the following criteria:

  1. All sections of the application MUST BE completed IN FULL and submitted by email in Word format (or Word compatible format). Incomplete proposals will not be considered and will be sent back one time for completion for resubmission.

  2. Presentation description is clearly written.

  1. Learning objectives are clearly stated.

  2. Session structure and organization are clearly defined.

  3. Presenters have sufficient experience and knowledge of the subject matter. 

What resources will be available to presenters?

  • The conference committee will consider proposals for 90 minute sessions. Some 3 hour sessions may be considered, if time allows. Because the conference committee will select a limited number of proposals, please assure that you do not have a scheduling conflict if your proposal is selected.

  • Presentation rooms will hold between 25-50 people depending on space configuration. Specify if there is a limit to the number of people allowed in your workshop.

  • Invited presenters will be granted complimentary admission to the conference (limit to 2 lead presenters, other adjunct presenters will receive free conference registration the day of workshop) but all will be responsible for their own meals, travel and lodging costs. Lunches are included in conference activities.

How will I know if I’ve been selected?

The Program Committee will contact chosen presenters by email by March 30, 2020. It is expressly understood that the presentation may be scheduled at any time on any of the conference dates at the discretion of the conference organizers. Please state if you have a day preference and your request will be honored if possible.

Note: All copies of handouts and materials will be the responsibility of the presenter.

Handouts will be posted online if submitted at least one week in advance of conference.

**Presenters will be expected to sign an agreement to present if proposal is chosen.**


PROPOSAL DUE DATE: By the end of business day February 21, 2020


Please complete the following form, do “save as” and add your name to the document name and return via e-mail to:                                   

Frances Patterson



ONLY Electronically submitted proposals via email in Word format (Or Word compatible format) will be accepted. No handwritten and scanned or PDF format submissions will be accepted. For questions concerning proposals or formatting contact Frances Patterson.


**Please share this with others interested in submitting a proposal**

Call for Presenters

Form and Instructions

Application Deadline: February 21, 2020


Please attach planned handouts, if available.

PART I: Presenter Information (If more than one presenter, designate lead presenter and provide complete contact information for each presenter. List only those persons who will actually attend and present at the conference.)


Presenter 1 Name:      

Institution / Company:      


City:                                                                    State:          Zip code:     

Daytime Phone:                        Cell Phone:     

E-mail address:                                            


Presenter 2 Name:      

Institution / Company:      


City:                                                                    State:          Zip code:     

Daytime Phone:                         Cell Phone:     

E-mail address:                                            

* Biographical information for each presenter: A separate bio is required for each presenter with a maximum of 2 presenters per workshop.  Other speakers may be invited to contribute or present in your presentation, but only 2 will be noted in brochure. Maximum 75 word bio written in third person. This will appear in the brochure as written. (Include institution/company, position/title, and related experience. Please state your qualifications to teach the proposed topic.) Do not reference a website for obtaining bio or workshop information.


PART II: Presentation Information (* items must be completed in full)


*Presentation Title:      


*Summary of Presentation: (The summary may be of any length, in narrative or outline form, and should provide a clear explanation of what you will be presenting. This information will be used in the proposal selection process.)


*Description of the Presentation: (Maximum 75 words. This description will appear, as written, in the conference brochure and will aid conference participants in choosing sessions. Please include enough information to help participants make workshop choices.)


*Learning Objectives: (An explanation of what you want the participants to learn from your session. These are to be written in measurable and observable goals e.g. The participant will be able to…List at least 3 objectives that you will achieve)


*Primary topic area presentation addresses: (check only one area. If the presentation will address more than one area, select the area of primary importance.)


  Specialty Population:      

  Co-occurring Disorders


  Current Research

  Professional Issues

  Counseling Techniques


  Clinical Supervision

  Other: (Specify)      

Type of presentation:



 networking session /discussion

 hands-on workshop



 For all audiences    




Is there a prerequisite for the workshop? Please specify:      

*Audio Visual Equipment to be used: (You must provide your own computer. If you are using a MAC computer, make sure you have the appropriate connector for an LCD projector.) All presentation rooms will have an LCD projector and flip charts available, but must be requested with your proposal.

I will need the following equipment:

 LCD Projector

 Flip chart

 Other  Specify other:      


*Please respond to the following:

 I will be bringing my own equipment. Please List       

 I will not be using any AV equipment

 Will the noise level in your workshop be louder than normal conversation at any time? 

 No  Yes

What will you be using? E.g. music, loud activity, etc. (This will help planners with room assignments.)      

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